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YEAR: 2019




INSTRUMENTATION: 7 vn. 2 vla. 2 vc. db



15 December 2019, Wilmslow United Reformed Church, Wilmslow
The Lindow Ensemble

23 and 24 April 2022 , The Heritage Centre, Macclesfield and The Stoller Hall, Manchester

Northern Chamber Orchestra



Commissioned by The Lindow Ensemble


NOTES:  The starting point for this work was visits I made to wildflower meadows being created and conserved in Cheshire, and reflections on our inter-connections with the natural world.  Eyebright is a wildflower which keeps vigorous grasses at bay, allowing more delicate wildflowers to thrive.  It has a long history of use as a herbal medicine.  

val hudson artist

The picture shows part of a 5-panel piece by Val Hudson, which I commissioned from her.  Val often takes music as an inspiration for her pictures, and for this painting she listened to some of my compositions as she worked, particularly Eyebright and my first String Quartet Bodnant.

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